FY19 Mutual Aid Bank Open Enrollment

The Mutual Aid Bank (MAB) was created by Massachusetts Water Resources Authority and United Steelworkers Local 9360 to assist bargaining unit members who, due to a non-work related illness or injury are unable to work.


Labor Guild Graduates

Congratulations to MingMing Wang, Rebecca Tearte and Alison Sheppard from United Steelworks Local 9360.  All three completed training at the Labor Guild of Massachusetts’ School of Labor Management Relations, and Alison was the class valedictorian for the spring term.  The Labor Guild offers classes each fall and spring that help foster a healthy labor-management climate.  FMI on the Labor Guild go to: www.laborguild.com

Local 9360 EBoard Sworn In

USW Local 9360 Swearing In Ceremony On May 16, 2018, the new officers for United Steelworkers Local 9360 were sworn in at the Chelsea facility.

USW Local 9360 Women of Steel
USW Local 9360 Women of Steel

Local 9360 Women of Steel - Bags of Hope

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Bags of Hope Donation Drive sponsored by the United Steelworkers of America Local 9360 - Women of Steel


Dear Unit 6 member,

Your negotiating committee met with the Authority on August 1st in an attempt to solve our contract dispute. The main reason for meeting was to explain our proposal in order to dispel the notion that it is “too costly”. We have heard from several Authority employees over the past couple of weeks that our proposal was not in line with the parameters given to the committee by the Authority or that we were asking for more than what the other unions received. The committee vehemently disagrees with that statement.


Unfortunately, there was very little or no progress made. The Authority still wants to give Unit 6 less than what the other unions received. Unit 6 is still holding firm that it should not be treated differently than the other unions and that it should notreceive less than the other unions.


The goal of your committee is to bargain a contract that benefits everyone in the local using the same financial parameters as the other unions.


Below is a brief synopsis of what we presented at the meeting yesterday:

·        A comprehensive presentation (on the SmartBoard in the CNY Board Room) of our proposed salary chart put into easily understandable terms.

·        We reviewed each of our proposals. All but one minor item were rejected.

·        We gave a verbal presentation which highlighted the Unit 6 membership and their value to the organization. Some departments that we went into specifics about were Payroll, MIS, budget, Procurement and Deer Island Operations. Unit 6 consists of highly qualified professionals and their contributions have a substantial impact on the success of the Authority.

·        We made a strong point that the committee and the members of Unit 6 did not feel respected. We continue to be treated differently.

·        We brought up the fact that the Authority has won awards and how Senior Management speaks very highly of the union population, but still treats us poorly at the bargaining table.

Another meeting with Authority management is scheduled for September 8th. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to make your feelings known, especially to Senior Management. If we stick together, we will prevail.


Your negotiating committee,

Bob Roussel

Richard Carter

Audrey Mintz

Leo Norton

Dianne Holland

Chris John

Jesse Daly


Attached please find the Labor Guild’s Fall term class flyer. If you’d like to attend a class at the Labor Guild, please contact Bob Roussel, Robert by noon on Friday, August 18th.


USW District 4 Newsletter - Issue 2 - June 2017

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  • USW Talks Health and Safety with DuPont Executives, Directors and Shareholders
  • USW Local 135L Walks and Rides to Make a Difference
  • Steelworkers in the News: RWJ Nurse Donlon Saves a Life in Flight
  • What We Make: Chinet Plates and Trays, USW Local 449 in Waterville, Maine
  • Local 593 "Kids Day" Newspaper Sales Benefit Buffalo Women and Children's Hospital
  • Monument Dedication Honors 28 Alcoa Massena Employees Killed at Work

Rally for Public Education

Demand the schools our communities deserve and support the Public Sector.

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Please contact your State Representatives in support of Massachusetts House budget amendments 745 and 1169.

Amendment #745, "Group Insurance Commission", seeks to take two seats on the commission that are appointed by the Governor and give them to the House Speaker and State Senate President.  

Amendment #1169 seeks to cap out of pocket expenses to $2,500 for individuals and $5,000 for families.

Both of these bills are a way to mitigate that financial impact of the GIC changes set to take place on July 1st.

Debtate on these amendments begins on Monday, April 24th.  Please contact your State Representative and urge them to support these amendments.  You can email them directly using the following link:


We are a Union that Works

2017 USW International Convention - Day Four

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